Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Band Called Catch

Illinois group, Band Called Catch, is a band with its roots here in Jacksonville, but its career in Chicago. Their self-titled mini album, takes the jam band template adds a bit of southern charm, some Midwestern grit, and comes up with a record that sounds something like Crash Test Dummies. The seven songs that make up this record features deep throaty vocals, a bohemian musical approach, and tunes that mix folk with rock and roll so well you can almost smell the patchouli. For the most part the band milk the jam band element for all its worth and do a good job at it...see "For the Sake of It," as a fine example of this. I have to be honest though, this really isn't my cup of tea and it's just so parental sounding that I can't really get into it.

A Band Called Catch really likes their Dave Mattews Band and apparently their Crash Test Dummies quite a bit and they're so in touch with their inner hippies that I can't help but wonder if they secretly don't want to be the Dead. While there are some uppity, more rock and roll moments on here, so much of this self-titled mini LP is stuck firmly in the middle of the road. Fans of jam bands, DMB, and the like will love this band and the fact that they have some ties to Jacksonville should make them even more appealing. As for me, I prefer things a little more left of the middle of the road...you know somewhere down off the shoulder.

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