Friday, December 9, 2011

333 Is Their Lucky Number

Despite having a name very similar to one of John Cage's classic compositions, 3:33 sound nothing like him. These instrumental musicians create electronic frontiers that sound as sparse and minimal as space itself and as scary as the vastness of the galaxy as well. Oh wait…maybe they are John Cage.

Their record, 333EP-1, is a series of minimal spooky environments that clang, clank, and rattle through the heavens toward the edge of the universe. Will they get there or will they burn up along the way? It's up to your imagination as 3:33 take you on a journey of sounds and atmospheres that will drive your mind insane.

333EP-1 is impressive stuff that conveys a message and a sense of foreboding without a word around. Its widescreen soundscapes are layered, chopped, and frightening to listen to in a dark room. It's entertaining stuff that would be perfect for Event Horizon 2 or Resident Evil 39. With song titles that all have a running theme of 3, the songs and titles tend to blend together into one giant continually evolving trippy experience that despite being only 20 minutes long sounds like it could go on for an eternity.

Beats, found sounds and electronic squiggles all contribute to making 333EP-1 a fascinating listen. It might not be the feel good hit of the spring, but it is undoubtedly one of the most imaginative records you are likely to hear. My only advice is not to listen to this alone or in a dark room...because it will scare you.

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