Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome To The Dream Scene

The Dream Scene's four track self titled EP is an excursion into DIY bedsit pop done the old fashioned way: lo-fi on a four track with about a five dollar budget. The lack of production, raw energy, and screaming amounts of potential all hint at a band waiting to break out. The Dream Scene is a rough around the edges indie pop treat that will have you thinking Elephant Six meets K Records in a bar fight. Picture Neutral Milk Hotel recording in Holland in 1945 and you kind of have an idea where this band is coming from. The Dream Scene is fuzzy, distorted, pop that's hooked late night supplies of sugar, caffeine and adderall. This is the sound of staying up too late and making music when no one else is awake and it's great.

From the fizzy distorted power pop of "White Jeans," to the 80's like synth runs of "Hit Rewind," The Dream Scene is a fun and fast little record. It might have been recorded under the cover of darkness in a messy bedroom somewhere, but there a lot of heart and potential in these songs. The Dream Scene won't win a Grammy, but it will find a nice home in anyone's collection of indie pop records. Whether it's the strange instrumental noodlings of, "Hometown Cloud," or the late night effervescence of "Pepperming," The Dream Scene is a fun listen that's thoroughly enjoyable.

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