Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Landed On The Moon

This Will Be One For The Books declares Mellissa Eccles of We Landed on the Moon! on their latest album of the same name and quite honestly they're not to far from the truth. This five piece band who formed way back in 2006 has clearly stumbled upon something dramatically different than most indie rock bands today. While most bands are figuring out ways to tap into the 80's revival, WLOTM have tapped into the golden age of alternative and come up with a set of songs that are so striking and so impressive that they might just leave you in awe. Taking Melissa Eccles vocals and ramming them up front of every song, WLOTM have put their special weapon in the form of a voice of angels and allowed it to flourish.

Sounding something like Letters to Cleo or even Echobelly, the band has this flair for dramatic sweeps of guitars and soaring vocals that will elevate your heart and your ears. Eccles voice is truly beautiful and something that's just not found in today's indie rock circles. When you take her voice and surround it with songs that are absolutely stunning and emotionally thrilling you end up with a record called One For The Books.

This is a band that clearly gets the fact that powerful songs are everything and they should do whatever it takes to make them. And make them they the bucket loads. With guitars chiming, synths screaming and a seductively sly and sweet voice carrying the songs how could This Will Be One For The Books ever fail? While some might find this record loaded with "proper," singing, it's that style of singing that really sets this band apart. These are songs and lyrics that are big and need a voice as emotionally charged as Eccles’ to sell them.

This Will Be One For The Books is an awesome album and it's expressive and electrifying nature keep your ears gripped. With jumpy pop and soaring choruses everywhere, WLOTM have created a set of songs that are addictively sweet and satisfyingly good. This is the sound of 90's alternative, updated and dressed in skinny jeans. We Landed On The Moon are energetic, emotional, and really good at what they do; their sense of theatrics and huge songs power them and This Will Be One For The Books as a result turns out well.

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