Friday, December 16, 2011

Vetiver's Errant Charm

Who would have ever thought that Paul Simon would have had such an influence on the youth of today? Shocking as that may sound, he has. From Graceland practically inventing Vampire Weekend to Vetiver embracing his folk pop sensibility Mr. Simon is still as relevant today as he was when he asked you to be his bodyguard. Speaking of Vetiver, he's got a new album out by the name of The Errant Charm and it's charming alright; in fact it's pretty gosh darn good.

Taking folk and wrapping it up in warm pop tones and gorgeous atmospherics Vetiver takes the most boring genre of music and makes it exceptionally tolerable. With sunshiny riffs, airy beats, and a breezy sense of fun, The Errant Charm is as bright as the cover it comes in. Who knew folk music could be so good? Not me, that's for sure. This is jangly pop heaven with guitars weaving a tapestry of light as air melodies that are hard to forget.

The Errant Charm isn't the most complicated record in the world, but it's a great one. It's folk rock tendencies are undeniable but Vetiver manipulates them into wonderful, catchy, non-folk songs. Having spent some quality time with this record, I can honestly say there's nothing errant about this record's charm.

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