Friday, December 16, 2011

Turner Cody Goes Gangbusters

Turner Cody is the last artist I would expect to appear on Tummy Touch Records. Normally a label for electronic artists, Tummy Touch has apparently sought to broaden their horizons and signed Mr. Cody. Here's this country/Americana artist with this unassuming name and jamming away on his latest album, Gangbusters, and to my surprise there's not one iota of electronics on it...and barely anything electrical at all.

Gangbusters is a woodsy, rootsy, rural, album that plucks itself across the countryside. If you can imagine Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn lazily sailing along a river you kind of understand where Turner Cody is coming from. With banjos, twangy guitars, and even horns playing an important role in, more or less, each song this is a rustic record through and through. And while there are the occasional rockabilly-like moments scattered throughout Gangbusters, the record is pure country in its soul.

Gangbusters isn't really bad; it's just a bit too rustic for my taste. However, if you fancy line dancing, Mark Twain novels, Prairie Home Companion, and early rock and roll you'll find Turner Cody an intriguing artist and Gangbusters one heck of a record.

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