Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Swing Is Back With Swing Diskoteka

Remember the swing craze back in 1999-2002? Yeah, nobody else does either...but guess what, swing is back again. This time though, it's the DJ who is controlling the jitterbugging as the genre has shifted away from "Zoot Suit Riots," and gone all electronic. Now backed with classic samples from the masters and sidled next to house beats, the genre has been resurrected with a even dancier flare.

The album, Swing Diskoteka, is a compilation of European artists who are at the forefront of this new sub-genre. Covering the entire continent from Britain to Greece, Swing Diskoteka sounds as old as it does new and as classic as it does fresh. With artists including Klezmer vibes, horns, gypsy sounds and even drum and bass flavours the album is fun, upbeat, and never slows down.

Swing Diskoteka is not your mom and dad's swing music...but it is pretty cool. And while I undoubtedly like the original version of swing the best, this is certainly a cool take on a classic genre. From Der Dritte Raum's, "Swing Bop," to Eldoko's, "Run for the Trees," the album is an energetic musical work out that brings retro sounds bang up to date. So let the jitterbugging commence...at 130 bpm.

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