Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sebastien Tellier's Remixed Sexuality

Sebastien Tellier has long issued records that ooze sex, drugs, and rock and roll. This Frenchman, knows his way around a keyboard and drum machine and he works them to the bone to make songs that sound as if they belong in a series of erotic movies. His latest album is a reworking of his last album, Sexuality and features no less than fifteen remixes of songs from that record.

If you ever wondered how you improve upon perfection, Sexuality Remixed is pretty much the answer; you don’t reinvent the wheel, you just remix it. With a varitable who’s who of the dance community reworking, chopping, editing, and in some cases completely redoing the songs of of Sexuality this is almost like listening to a completely different record.

Still laced with enough sensuality, sunshine, and good time vibes, everyone from Moulixex, Midnight Juggernauts, Kavinsky, Boys Noize, and A-Trak put their own stamp on this record and the result is a fifteen track dance floor excursion that you won’t want to stop. It’s breathy, exhaustive, and so ridiculously catchy that there isn’t one single bad remix on this record. From house, to electro, to vintage 80’s funk it’s all here and it’s oozing over the edges in abundance.

While so much of Sexuality was a bit more seductive and subtle with its intentions than Sexuality Remixed is a bit more upfront. While so many remix albums are just a series of throw away remixes that no one cares about (including the remixers) you get the sense that every artist here wanted to do something better than everyone else. There’s a lot of heart, soul, sex, and energy in every one of these re-worked tunes and it’s easily of the better pure remix records you are likely to hear in 2010. From the nearly pure pop shimmer of Breakbot’s remix of, “Roche,” to the near industrial feel of Airplanet’s rework of, “Kilometer,” this is a record that will pack out dance floors from Paris to Miami. Awesome stuff that’s so recommended I’d buy you all a copy if I could afford it.

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