Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reading Obits

Obits are a bit of a super group whose members come from such accomplished bands as Drive Like Jehu, Edsel, Hot Snakes, and Pitchfork…and no not the website This veteran group came together in a head on collision in 2007 and since that time have released one previous single and an album. On, Moody, Standard, and Poor, the band leaves all their pasts behind and takes on the financial sector and studies the Moody and Standard and Poor indexes and then writes songs about them. Just kidding. In reality, Obits are stripped down proto-punk that's like Iggy Pop if he were a young whipper snapper today.

Moody, Standard, and Poor isn't actually about anything deeper than rock and roll and it's emotional toll on your ears, body, and mind. This raw, rambunctious, and vicious record consumes riffs with a ravenous appetite and leaves a trail of chaos in its wake. This is awesome stuff that's energetic and punky and left me wondering how it doesn't spontaneously combust. This is the best melding of punk rock and pure rock and roll I've heard in a very long time. This is a dirty, drunken bar fight set to a back beat and if it doesn't leave you with a black eye than you didn't listen to it correctly.

The Obits have beaten the heck out of Moody, Standard, and Poor and left for dead. Awesome. This is the most essential piece of ragged rock and roll you'll hear in 2011 and as such is pretty essential.

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