Monday, December 19, 2011

Pistolera's El Desierto y La Ciudad

Pistolera's El Desierto y La Ciudad is as diverse a record as you are likely to hear. This New York based group, influenced by its surroundings and the wide open spaces far away from them have created a massive widescreen kind of record that barely seems to fit on just one disc. Translated into The Desert and The City, it only makes sense that the album seems to wander between the two worlds rather freely.

Sung predominantly in Spanish, El Desierto y La Ciudad is a gorgeous record that you don't need to understand to appreciate. With accordions, horns, acoustic guitar, seductive vocals and a beautiful sense of atmospherics, El Desierto y La Ciudad captures your imagination and ears with ease. This is a stunningly gorgeous record that stretches from the metropolis to the plains as if they were one and the same. Encompassing a range of emotions and a sound palette that includes, folk, rock, Latin, and dance Pistolera weave it all into something that's almost too good to be true.

Put together as one work made up by many pieces, the album is a bit traditional in the sense it's designed to be listened as a whole. And that's the best way to listen to it, all the way through. El Desierto y La Ciudad is an evocative and gorgeous record that will play with your emotions and grip your's a great record that's easy to understand despite not being able to understand most of it.

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