Monday, December 5, 2011

The Liminanas Are Chanson

Getting their start in October of 2009, the Liminanas are the brainchild of Lio and Marie Liminana. Beginning as a home studio project, the duo spent much time flipping through John Barry and Ennio Morriocne LP's, books on Victorian era architecture, watching Noir films, and basking in the sun of southern France seeking inspiration. That's when it hit them to be in a band and the rest as they say is history. Sounding more like they belong in 1965 than 2010, the Liminanas are a French pop group in the finest tradition of Ye-ye Pop and Chanson. French pop songs with frivolity are what the Liminanas are all about and if Paris was ever swinging in the 60's The Liminanas most certainly sound like they were there.

Their self-titled album is like taking all your French Stereolab songs, mixing them with the Velvet Underground, and having them drink with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. The Liminanas is a scrumptious seductive pop treat that's sugary, sweet and sexy. This is a record that winks at you and convinces you to sit next to it for no other reason than it drives you crazy in all the best ways. With garage rock guitars, sitars, go-go boots, good vibrations, and a feeling that everything old is new again The Liminanas is back to the future with a handful of Godard films, bottles of wine, and a beatnik attitude. This record is awesome and sounds so vintagely cool that I'm not entirely convinced it was recorded over the last year.

The Liminanas are an awesome band and their love of all things classic mixed with a modern approach makes for some mighty fine listening. The Liminanas is a portable party on disc. If Austin Powers were real, this is the sort of thing he would be listening to in his Jaguar as he drove around Swinging London. Dressed in a beret, Ray Ban's, and a turtle neck The Liminanas is the very definition of cool. From the seductive shuffle of, "The Darkside," to the Stereolab drone-like, "Down Underground," the record never ceases to be fun and further proof that chanson has never been cooler. I might not have the slightest idea what they're on about, but the records incessant grooves, garage rock vibes, and swinging pop songs allow it to be one heck of a record that I can't stop listening to.

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