Sunday, December 4, 2011

Like Bells Construct Palma

Like Bells are an artful post rock trio who create sound expositions that cross pollinate the genre’s of jazz and post rock as if they were a bee colony on high alert. This power trio constructs complex engaging songs that mix post rock atmospherics and guitar work with jazz like arrangements and complex structures. Their latest album, Palma, is a complicated record that features more sound that the compact disc can honestly handle. With saxophones, strings, guitars, drums, and just about anything else the band can find Like Bells weave their songs into a heady brew of abstract rhythms.

Palma, despite being musically involved, is anything but unlistenable. In fact, much of Palma is pretty easy to follow and does not require four years of music theory to understand. Like Bells have done a fantastic job here of creating textures and emotions which your brain will find stimulating no matter how complex they sound. With the occasional vocal bridge and enough catchy musical bits to listen to Palma will carry you away on a magic carpet ride.

Like Bells have created a beautiful record full of concepts and ideas that create wide swathes of audio bliss. Instrumental or vocal, Like Bells manage to write songs that will leave musicians in awe and listeners in thought. Palma is a post rock record that it’s ok to like…and I for one like it a lot.

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