Monday, December 19, 2011

The Kills Take Blood Pressures

The Kills have been making skeevy, strung out rock and roll for nearly a decade now. Evolving out of Gainesville's own Discount and London based Hotel, the band crossed the ol' pond in the name of rock and roll and haven't looked back since. Their fourth album, Blood Pressures continues the band's tradition of scuzzed out sounds and seductive hooks.

Listening to The Kills is like listening to a night on the tiles five times over; broken sounding guitars rattle, vocalist VV coos, drums bash, and songs strip themselves of all their worldly possessions. As a result of all this mess, Blood Pressures is an album of raw power rock and roll that's angsty and sexy and something that ultimately will have it's way with you. It's fantastic stuff and that sounds under produced and on the verge of destroying itself and yet miraculously it doesn't. Blood Pressures might be rough around the edges but once you scrape away all that dinge, a rather great pop record becomes apparent.

The Kills are the kind of band you don't take home to your parents...instead, they're the kind of band you lie about, you hide, and you try to keep secret. Their post-hangover pop is laced with all kinds of sin and its sin that you can't resist. This is dark, broody, music to seduce too and it's something that'll raise your Blood Pressures.

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