Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kelly Stoltz Makes One For The Dreamers

Apparently Kelley Stoltz has been floating around for a while recording 60’s inspired jangly pop the way the Beatles, Byrds, and Kinks used to. For some strange reason I had no idea that this was happening and I’m kind of depressed to find out that there are two other albums that predate his latest To Dreamers. Where I’ve been, I have no idea but at least this stumbled across my desk and I’m able to revel in the joyous melodies that Stoltz seems to effortlessly create.

If you didn’t know better, you’d probably never know that To Dreamers was recorded this year. He’s so hooked and so in love with the 60’s is Stoltz that just about every song sounds as if it were from 1967. From Byrdsian jangle to horn drenched laid back pop, Kelley Stoltz has a keen ear for the things that made so much of sixties pop brilliant. He’s not quite so subtle about it, and the album really isn’t hurt by the fact that he subconsciously wishes George Martin produced every one of his records.

With strings strumming, horns adding flourishes, guitars jangling and psychedelics soaring, Kelley Stoltz has really put together a fantastic record that sees him losing himself in the fantasy of great songs and long lost melodies. To Dreamers is a really nice record that meshes classic and modern influences with ease. It’s not cliché or boring and I’ve not heard anyone who can mix power pop and 60’s jangle as well as Stoltz and I think it’s for that reason that I find myself enjoying To Dreamers quite a bit.

If you long for the lost days of rock and roll from the 20th century, you don’t have to dream about it anymore, Kelley Stoltz has a record just for you in fact he’s even dedicated it To Dreamers.

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