Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Julius C. Is Ok Ok

Julius C. isn't an individual but rather a group of New Yorkers hell bent on reaffirming everyone's belief in butt kicking power pop. This foursome have managed to piece together one heck of a record that takes the very best ideas Weezer never used and fuze's them with OK Go and Jamiroquai. Their album, Ok Ok, is a nervous collection of ADHD fueled pop hooks that are strung together in mesmerizing fashion. It seems only ironic then that a record of this positive magnitude comes together as the band were on the verge of collapse.

With the band as a whole feeling empty, lost, and disconnected from each other and the music they were playing, they bared down, refocused their efforts, and became determined to write a record that literally would blow the roof off of everything around them. Fueled by frustration, determination and an overwhelming desire to get back to music that they loved playing, the band did just that on Ok Ok. To say this record is amazing would be an understatement. This is a record that explodes out of the gate, sprints to the finish and just keeps going, off the track and out of the arena. Funky, poppy, catchier than malaria and so ridiculously well written that resistance to Ok Ok's charms is futile.

Julius C so easily write hooks and melodies that it makes you wonder how this band could have ever been on the verge of collapse. If there ever was a group that embraced it's inner punk and inner disco dude more than this band I'd love to meet them. Shifting musical gears faster than the Stig could shift in a Porsche 911 Carerra, Julius C are absolutely phenomenal at what they do. From the Jamiroquai hit in waiting, "Party and Dance," to the nervous energy of "Sell My Soul," Ok Ok is a fantastic album that's so in love with melody and having a good time that you can almost hear birds whistling in the background of the songs. The perfect record for gray days and cooler temperature, Julius C have written an album that will melt away the coldest of days with a strong dose of sunshine pop that's pretty much guaranteed to turn your frown upside down.

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