Monday, December 19, 2011


Jaswho?’s record, Re:Droid Music, isn’t an album per se as much as it is one massive twelve song single. Taking several tracks from his Droid Music album and giving it the epic remix treatment, Re:Droid Music has every corner of the dance floor covered with all kinds of sexy funk, banging techno, mind warping bass, and a never ending supply of grooves.

With barely a break in between songs it’s hard to catch your breath from the first beat of “Solar Future,” to the last note of “Longtime.” This is an endurance test of massive proportions. If you manage to make it through the twelve tracks here then you deserve a medal and a tank of oxygen. This is a beat fueled dance frenzy that never ceases to move or entertain. While I much prefer the house mixes to the dubsteppy ones, the record doesn’t contain one duff mix, and with twelve separate producers giving the tracks the rework treatment it’s hard not to find something to like here.

While most remix records are hit and miss and really a waste of time for most people, Re:Droid Music is most definitely worth it for everyone. With beats assaulting you from every angle, genres bouncing around, and grooves designed to make you dance this is a non-stop party just waiting to happen.

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