Monday, December 19, 2011

Grieves Is Together Apart

Grieves' new album Together Apart is nothing to express sorrow over, rather, Together Apart is something to celebrate. Yet another spectacular release on Rhymesayers , Together Apart proves once again why they are the finest independent hip hop label on the planet. Why’s that? Well, Together Apart is a consistently brilliant chilled hip hop record that's miles above the competition.

With mellow grooves, nearly whispered rhymes, and an overall feeling of a heavy night in, Grieves has pieced together a record best listened to at home on the weekend. And while there are undoubtedly some "hits" on this record, most of what's here is perfectly cool lying low in the background. The only problem with that is most of this record is just too darn good to do that. The take on the classic, "Sunny," is a perfect example of that as it takes that legendary tune, warps it around a crisp beat and modernizes it in a heartbeat to come up with the affectionately titled, "Sunny Side of Hell."

As should be expected, Grieves has come up with an impressive album here; his laidback flow, his lazy beats, and his superb writing allow this record to climb to the top of the heap. Packed with catchy rhymes and choruses Together Apart is the sort of record you'll still remember in the morning and that's a good thing because you don't want to forget it. Three albums in and Grieves has established himself as a well oiled hip hop machine capable of dropping hip hop hits at will which if you know him and his label mates, is perfectly normal for the Rhymesayers stable.

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