Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Green Children's Encounter

Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan are the elfin members of The Green Children, a duo that look as if they've stumbled out of Sherwood Forest with songs of mythical beings and ancient times in their heart. Sounding something like Enya meets Dido meets a pack of druid's, The Green Children create ethereal, spiritual music that's moving, haunting, and about as close to dance pop as a wooded creature will ever hope to get. Their album, Encounter is an enchanting beautiful beast of downtempo, chilled out beats and soaring vocals that are so stirring they sound like a cold arctic breeze though a forest of trees.

Taking an electronic approach and tinkering with its parameters, The Green Children create something that could head in any number of directions all at the same time. While that might sound like a potential downfall, the duo's ability to blend these directions and influences into one cohesive sound is truly spectacular. Their chilled, breezy pop slowly takes over your soul through a combination of R&B, house, trip hop, and even new age. Encounter as a result is a mystical record that's aspiring, lofty, and often times as gorgeous as the forest that they emerged from. This is ethereal pop that's as soulful as it is heartfelt.

Emotional, passionate, and lush, Encounter is a fantastically rich sound collage that's engaging, wondrous, and really quite good. When vocalist, Milla Sunde's voice reaches for the stars you can almost feel her heart going along with it. Call it new age chilled dance pop or something else, it doesn't matter, the fact that The Green Children are so dramatic, expressive and able to tug at your heart strings with ease is a testament to their songwriting ability. From the affirmations of, "We're the Future," to the upbeat trip hop of, "Skies On Fire," Encounter is an enthralling album that's as gripping as it is inspiring. The Green Children must be elfin because Encounter is so beguiling that they must have used magic to make it.

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