Sunday, December 4, 2011

G-Stone For Sixteen Years

It's hard to believe that G-Stone recordings have been around as long as they have but sixteen years on and the label is still cranking out a mixture of blinding house tunes and chilled out anthems as if they're lives depended on it. I remember first discovering the label with Kruder and Dorfmeister around 1995 or so and realizing that the future of chill out was staring at me in the face. And here we are significantly further into the future and so many of the artists that made up the label back then are still issuing tunes today. From Tosca to K&D they're still relevant and still managing to make corking chilled tunes. As if to prove that point AND to celebrate the labels longevity, G-Stone Recordings have issued, Sixteen F-ing Years.

Composed of twenty-five tracks and spread out over two discs, Sixteen Years not only features a whole disc of classic tunes spanning the label's history, but there's a second disc of entirely new tunes prepared just for this release. Both discs are fantastic and prove over and over again why this label has been around as long as it has: consistently solid tunes. Be it a full on 4/4 deep house floor filler or a chilled out veranda anthem the label continually finds the right grooves and runs with them. Rodney Hunter's rework of Tosca's, "Rosa," is a fine example, as the tune is so deep it's dug its way down to China and come back again. The tune layers its groove with enough loopy bleeps and hand claps to last a lifetime and the result is pure hypnotic brilliance that will have your feet spasming in ecstasy.

In listening to Sixteen Years its absolutely brilliant to see so many of the original stars of the label offering up new songs to sit next to their classics. The album is a double disc of treasures, hits, and undiscovered gems that will see G-Stone carrying itself long past this anniversary and into the next sixteen years. With thirteen new tracks and twelve classic tracks all unmixed in compilation format, this two disc set is essential listening for not only DJ's but anyone interested in obtaining some of the best chilled out tuneage on the planet. Sixteen Years is an awesome compilation and with everyone from K&D, Marsmobil, Tosca, Peace Orchestra, Urbs, to d.kay sticking their beaks in this compilation it's just about perfect. Nice work guys and congrats on Sixteen F-ing Years.

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