Friday, December 16, 2011

Dynasty Electric Shoot Golden Arrows

If trip hop is dead and buried, someone clearly forgot to give Dynasty Electric the memo. This Brooklyn duo who look like Paul Stanley and Florence (of the Machine variety) have continued on as if the world stopped in 1998. Mixing sly beats with dirty electronics and seductive vocals, Dynasty Electric combine their talents to create a lush, sensual soundscape that's as haunting as it is thrilling.

Dynasty Electric’s album, Golden Arrows is the best record the Sneaker Pimps never put out or a future Kate Bush album that has yet to be recorded. Slightly theatrical, mostly beguiling, and definitely diverse Dynasty Electric cast a spell of musical delights that's hard to walk away from. From the whistly "Bird Song," to the sleazy tuned down instrumentation on, "Spell of Time," Golden Arrows takes trip hop and electronica to fascinating realms not heard in well over a decade. They may be a little late to the party, but they'll certainly remind you how great the party was and why you might regret leaving. Golden Arrows is a magnetic and engaging record that's like a siren's song...irresistible.

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