Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DVA's Society

DVAS, aren't actually divas of the female kind but two weirdos who go by the names Dietzche V. and the Abominable Snowman. Despite the names, this dynamic duo of strangeness is responsible for creating some of the best darn synth pop this planet has ever heard, period. Their album, Society, is a master class on how to create glossy, glammy, 80's influenced synth pop that's as addictive as crack.

Society, is the type of record that pays homage to the 80's while firmly planting it's tongue in cheek and having fun with a genre and a decade that were so altogether cheesy it's hard not to love. I have a feeling, just by listening to Society, that DVA's love keytars a little to much and think Shalimar are one of the greatest groups ever. They're so good and DVA's create songs that have hooks so large and so in charge that they could reel in just about anything and still have enough left over to do it again. Their synths shine with crystal clear pop gloss and sound like the best Glenn Frey and Jan Hammer records that were never released. Society is stunningly good. This is the soundtrack to a lost series of Miami Vice and is swathed in so much pastel and day glo coloring that it's blinding.

If DVA's, fellow 80's jokesters Glum, and funksters Chromeo were ever to share the same stage my guess is that the world would simply end. Simply put, the world could not handle this much ironic coolness and funk. Society is sexy, seductive, and in a strange twist of fate kind of funny. With song titles like, "Ambient Room," "Consenting Adults," "Fantasy," and "Passionate Persuasion," you can't help but wonder if these guys are serious or having such a good time that they can't help pick such cheesy song titles. Packed with anthems in the making and an overwhelming sense of fun, Society is a non-stop disco party on South Beach circa 1987. This is an awesome record and easily one of my favorite synth pop records of the year. DVA's might not have an attitude problem, but they clearly have fun and with Society in your possession so can you.

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