Monday, December 19, 2011

Digitalism Love You Dude

Electro has changed ALOT since the release of Digitalism’s first album back in 2007. So many sub-genre's, sounds, and takes on the genre have come and gone since Idealism was released that the band's relevance in this day and age seemed to be in question. Well, long time fans can be rest assured that Digitalism has absolutely nothing to worry about. Their sophomore album, I Love You Dude, is anything but a slumpy kind of record. In fact, I Love You Dude is an amazing journey of electro pop influenced by the sounds of 2011, but not swayed by them.

While there are "heavy," elements scattered throughout I Love You Dude, Digitalism play their game and dictate the terms of the songs. The results are modern dance floor monsters that consume all in their path. With pop hooks the size of Asia and synthy grooves that could make a corpse dance, Digitalism haven't missed a beat in the time they've been away. I Love You Dude is a brilliant record that is essentially a nonstop string of potential hits that are vibrant at times, dreamy at others and always moving in some fashion.

Fast paced and filled with poptastic moments, Digitalism have proven ten times over that they've conquered any thoughts of a sophomore slump and reclaimed their place as part of the electro elite. I Love You Dude is undoubtedly one of my favorite records of 2011 and it's nice to know that Digitalism can still be relevant in an age of dubstep.

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