Monday, December 12, 2011

Dag For Dag Goes Boo

Dag for Dag is a dynamic duo featuring an American-Swedish brother sister that are nomadic wanderers and construct songs that sound like it. This ghostly duo create a psychedelic noise that rattles and rolls and ends up sounding like the Jefferson Airplane in a fight with the Jesus and Mary Chain. They're a bit crazy, a bit freaked out, possibly possessed, and in love with the idea of recording from the great beyond. Their album, Boo isn't really scary as it is the sound of a noisy disembodied sprit that's a bit moody.

Boo despite its moodiness is rather enjoyable. The voices of this duo bounce off one another as echoic noisy wisps of instrumentation wallow in the background creating an atmospheric disturbance that's fascinating to listen to as it tears itself apart in a psychedelic nightmare. Boo is depressing in all the best ways, the fact that the tempo rarely gets out of bed, and the fact that the whole record sounds like a séance is awesome. Dag for Dag is a band that's come back from death to sing spiritual songs that are destined to haunt your soul and Boo is the device in which they accomplish this.

Pop music this is not, but Boo is some sort of undead gospel that's like being able to hear dead people. Beautiful, strange, and not of this earth, Dag for Dag make music for eternity.

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