Monday, December 19, 2011

Da Cruz's Sistem Subersiva

Da Cruz isn’t your typical world music group. Sure they sing in a foreign language and sound “worldly,” but these guys take electronic music fuse it with traditional sounds and end up sounding something like a more professional Bonde Do Role. With beats assaulting you from all sides and an eye on the dance floor, their album Sistema Subersiva is anything but a pseudo-intellectual chin stroking record for yuppies to listen to. Recorded in Switzerland but sounding about as Swiss as a margarita, Sistema Subersiva is a ride through the dark clubs and alleys of Rio with a few side trips to a Carnival parade.

With bass rattling, beats clanging and the seductive voice of Mariana Da Cruz Sistema Subersiva is as sexy as one might expect from an artist from Brasil. Fusing jazz, Latin, electro with an endless groove, Da Cruz have created a hot summer night that’s diverse, creative, and superbly entertaining. From the jazzy swing of, “Ethiopia,” to the super cool cover of, “Warm Leatherette,” Da Cruz takes the world music template and throws it out the window. This is a record that has it all and barely lets you catch your breath before wanting to share more of itself with you.

Sistema Subersiva is a fantastic record that challenges the notion of what a genre defining record is. This is an all over the place affair that will keep you guessing and keep you gripped and you can't ask for much more than that in any kind of record; world music or otherwise.

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