Friday, December 16, 2011

Cliffie Swan's Memories Come True

Cliffie Swan used to be Lights, but there was another Lights so they changed their name and somehow arrived at Cliffie Swan. Cliffie Swan in not a member of the band despite what you might think. Cliffie Swan are several people. Cliffie Swan sound like the best Olivia Newton John album you’ve never heard. Their album, Memories Come True, is a tripped out Xanadu soundtrack bonus disc that was never made. It’s amazing.

Memories Come True is a slightly psychedelic record that’s shadowy, wispy, and seemingly as light as air. With the voices of angels and a heavy dose of Olivia’s influence this record is hauntingly beautiful. It’s the best of both worlds; a fuzzed out trip to the stars via heaven and back to earth. It’s truly awesome stuff and even at its distorted best the album still manages to mesmerize with the vocals of Sophia Knapp and Linnea Vedder. With everything from flutes to Fender Rhodes, Cliffie Swan casts a musical spell over all who listen and it’s pointless to resist.

I’m in awe of these girls and their ability to create such hypnotically addictive tunes. Memories Come True is simply amazing. Cliffie Swan has created something that’s tripped and blissed out and quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve heard this year.

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