Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chapter 14 Close The Book

Chapter 14's five song EP, Like Trees In November is a melodic metal/screamo tour de force that alternates between melody and brutality like an on/off switch. Flicking between the two as if their lives depended on it, Chapter 14 are out to snap a neck or two and judging by this record they'll probably succeed. With riffs as deadly as a Tomahawk missile attack and songs that are as hypnotizing as a magician, Like Trees In November is a cold, calculating, deadly metallic machine with enough commercial viability to break free of the underground.

While a song like, "Roses," illustrates the band's more melodic side with clarity, "Winter," on the other hand is cold enough to kill with riffs bouncing off of your skull and impaling themselves between your ears. The simple fact that Chapter 14 is able to alternate between these two completely different musical worlds is a testament to their ability as musicians. The five songs here are a sweaty, powerful, chunky riff driven attack of melodic metal that will leave you confused and astounded. While I much prefer the band when they run through the melodies and embrace their guttural vocals, the band at least try to keep things interesting throughout even when things are melodic. Like Trees In November as a result is a entertainingly crunchy record worth a listen.

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