Monday, December 5, 2011

Casio Kids Start The Nordic Invasion

Norway's Casio Kids are not a group of calculator wielding nerds crossing the globe solving the worlds math problems. No...this group of Norwegians play extremely infectious, fun, uppity pop music that, in fact, involves little to no Casio usage. Rapidly gaining success and popularity in their native country and the rest of Europe, the band has finally found themselves primed to bring a Nordic invasion to our shores. Releasing the first all Norwegian album in US history, Topp Stemnin Pa Lokal Bar, Casio Kids should have little problems winning over the indie masses who so easily fell for the likes of fellow countrymen Datarock and Annie.

Comprised of two discs, Topp Stemnin Pa Lokal Bar, is a non-stop disco party of sugary sweet grooves that revel in their innocence, awkwardness, their native tongue and their ability to have one heck of a good time. I have no idea at all what Casio Kids are on about but it must be some sort of frivolous, fun for all because just about every song on Topp Stemnin Pa Lokal Bar is chipper, fast paced, and sounds incredibly happy and that's easy to figure out no matter what language it's in. The first disc is comprised of several singles that were originally released in Europe but have been reassembled into a long form album and work well as one giant grinning pop monster. The second disc sees several of the songs of the first disc remixed and reworked into a dance floor frenzy by everyone from Lo-Fi-Fnk to Captain Credible. It's a lot of music and a lot of sunshine for your brain to process, but you'll find a way to make it through.

As winter approaches and the days grow shorter this is the kind of record that we should all be listening to. Casio Kids have created an electronic, Afrobeat, indie, Norwegian, indie pop monster here that's so unashamedly up for it that it's bursting. Topp Stemnin Pa Lokal Bar is the kind of record that will remind you of warm summer nights, dance parties, and good times. From the Afropop influences of "Gomurmamma," to the somewhat legendary single, "Fot I Hose," there really isn't one dull moment on this double album. Casio Kids might not speak a word of English but it doesn't stop them from making music that will warm the cockles of your heart because as we all know music is the universal language. Awesome stuff that's essential listening.

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