Monday, December 19, 2011

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Shine

Denmark's The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are a quirky pop band in all the best possible ways; think a more accessible Moloko and you’re on the right track. Utilizing a squeaky voice that's so darn cute you want to hug it, the band skip, hop, and hurtle their way through sugary sweet pop tunes as if bubblegum pop was the most important thing ever. Their EP, The Golden Age is a bright ray of sunshine that glimmers and shines with so much pop sparkle that it will blind you.

Clocking in at six songs, the whole thing is a jumpy danceable mash up of influences that combine together to provide you with the soundtrack to the rest of summer. That should really be no surprise though, because the Asteroids have already soundtrakced an Ipod commercial, wound up on American TV and become minor You Tube sensations.

The Golden Age is bubblegum for the 21st century and is so irresistibly sweet that it'll cause gingivitis in all who listen. Depressingly short at less than 26 minutes, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour will leave you wanting more and more and more!

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