Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zomby Is More Than Nothing

Zomby is a fairly well known British based producer that unleashed an electronic fury back in 2008 with his debut album Where Were U In 92 and then, surprisingly, quietly retreated to the background. He then released Dedication a somber work that took two years to complete because of personal events outside of music. Now, he's back once again and seems motivated here in 2012. His latest effort serves as a sort of a middle ground between the two albums or a companion piece to Dedication. Entitled Nothing, this piece sees him continuing to pay tribute to the past but pushing things forward ever so slightly.

While not exactly an upfront dance record, Nothing is a spooky, minimalist affair that harks back to classic sounds from the 90's, glicthtronica from today, and grooves that are timeless. It's very good stuff that’s starkness and slightly cold nature is oddly easy to listen to. To make something that wafts along with a minimalist approach AND make it memorable is the sign of a truly awesome producer and Zomby is exactly that. Serving as a bridge, a companion, and a breather from the world of wobble Nothing is all that but it's also so much more. Nothing is a fantastic nearly ambient single that's proof that this Zomby is far from dead.

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