Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Future of the Left Is Bright

The Future of the Left come in so fast from the left-field side of indie rock that they'll slide right into you and give you a concussion. Having more in common with someone like Thunderbirds Are Go!, The Apes, or An Albatross than a pack of liberals, this band creates what I like to call "scene indie." This is white belt music pure and simple and is for fans who have dyed black hair, romulan hair cuts, and think The Locust are almost mainstream.

Their mini-album, Polymers Are Forever, is a synth punk record with atonal properties, angular aural attacks, and a strange sense of destruction. This isn't catchy pop music but rather music that's jagged and jumpy and is suffering from ADHD. With synths blaring out of every corner, vocals wailing, and drums attempting to keep up The Future of the Left create a lot of racket that will scare some people. For those in white belts though this is a dance party come to life and I have to admit that the nervous nature of the songs here are quite appealing. This is hyper stuff that's thrashy, and filled with enough akimbo rhythms to give you motion sickness.

Short and sweet, Polymers Are Forever, is a blast of frenetic energy that will leave you breathless. Slightly atonal, weird, and sharp as a tack, The Future of the Left are fantastic at what they do. This is a good record whether or not you're a scene kid or not. Grinding synthetic mayhem has never sounded this good.

Oh and in case you're wondering...

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