Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yo, Gringo Starr

Gringo Starr contains no members of the Beatles but they do contain several gringo's who just happen to play some darn fine garage pop. Their album, Count Yer Lucky Stars is a fantastic album that sounds like something from Elephant Six if they were really from the 60's and had listened to far too many Kinks albums. With a degree of lo-fi production, raw rock and roll energy, and a full on embracing of classic pop song structures, Gringo Starr concoct one heck of a record that will keep mods and indie pop kids alike, pretty happy.

This record explodes out of the gate with four perfect pop songs that so sound like they belong on AM radio, you'll swear you're in a 69 Mustang roaring through the streets of Los Angeles. Count Yer Lucky Stars is a fantastic record that's no frills and all chills. Perhaps sounding like Elf Power if they hung out with French Kicks, Gringo Starr get their indie pop mixed up with their rock and roll and end up with charming results. From the garage grooves of, "Shadow," to the poptastic sounds of, "Beatnik Angel Georgie," Count Yer Luck Stars is the best record from the 60's that's not actually from the 60's we've heard in a very long time. Reverb, echo, barely good production and a sincerity that's nearly overpowering, it's all here and it's all what gives this record so much character.

I think the reason why I like Count Yer Lucky Stars is because it's got heart, great tunes, and clearly loves the past as much as the present. Gringo Starr are pretty darn good for a bunch of Gringo's and they've got an album here that's been lost in the garage underneath some pop in dusty boxes for the last four decades. It's a good thing then, that either their time machine worked or someone uncovered them in the attic of pop gone by.

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