Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's A Mutiny Mutiny

Somewhere between Algebra and Trigonometry lies Mutiny Mutiny. This three piece band take protractors, formulas, and the Pythagorean Theorem and craft songs out of them using a process called math rock. Their album, Constellation is an expansive album of calculating music that borders on requiring a physics degree to understand.

Visceral, atonal, and angular Mutiny Mutiny attack music as opposed to playing it. They create songs that are aural bulldozers that may vary in pace but remain technically inventive and creative. Sludgy riffs stack up next to thrashy guitars and beat drums explode into bashed ones while vocals strain themselves to keep in all together. While the vocals tend to be the weak end of Constellation the music and arrangements are fantastic and a musicians dream come true. They've created a massive lab of music for others to study and break apart while losing their minds.

Constellation isn't an easy record to get into but it is worth listening to repeatedly because there are hidden gems like, "Close of Business," that almost approach being a pop song. While most of the record does require some sort of scrap paper and calculator to appreciate, these moments of accessibility are something to be treasured and listened to again and again. Mutiny Mutiny at times almost remind me of a more acceptable version of Polvo and Constellation like a long lost recording from them. Challenging and uncompromising Constellation is an album that requires adaptability and an open mind.

Because they are so technically proficient and coming straight out of left field, I found myself enjoying the mathy compositions quite a bit. While they tend to grind things out, their angularity is just so awkward that it's intriguing. Mutiny Mutiny are a great band but whether or not you appreciate what they're doing will depend on your tolerance to angular, un-polished, post post punk.

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