Thursday, January 5, 2012

Liftoff's Sunday Morning Airplay

When you name your band Liftoff, you kind of give yourself away a little bit. One could assume by the name that the band is either fascinated by psychedelic pop or airy atmospherics. In the case of this band it's actually a bit of both. Liftoff combines psychedelia, indie, chill out, and those spacey atmospherics to help define Sunday Morning Airplay as an album that is perfect for just that.

Utilizing lush atmospheric synth work, swathes of sound, sighed vocals, and a bit of funky beats Liftoff create one heck of a record that literally is perfect for Sunday mornings. This is the sound of 60's light rock if it were enhanced with electronics and taken into space and beamed back to earth. Sunday Morning Airplay is a gorgeous record that breezes on by whether its with vocals of ambient passages, scitars or beats. This is an album that washes over you and soothes your mind as it progresses through each of its thirteen songs.

Impressive and exapansive soundscapes, trippy vibes, and a diverse sound palette all contribute to making Liftoff's Sunday Morning Airplay a great record. A perfectly named band with a perfectly named album; it's almost as if this was all supposed to happen. Very listenable and very good, Liftoff's Sunday Morning Airplay is one record you'll need for this weekend...and more specifically this Sunday

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