Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seeker Lover Keeper

Seeker Lover Keeper is a new band featuring Sally Seltmann, Sarah Blasko, and Holly Throsby. These three songwriters have come together after being on their own and/or writing songs for other people for years. Sally for example is the co-writer of Feist’s, "1234," which alone should perk everyone’s interest. Now, with Seeker Lover Keeper their primary focus, these three voices have teamed up together and put together their self-titled debut album which finally sees the light of day here in North America.

Seeker Lover Keeper is a wispy, fragile, and intimate recording that takes all the knowledge these three folk divas possess and combines it into a series of heart breaking songs. Obvious references to Feist and the like can be made, but Seeker Lover Keeper truly has their own voice. In fact, they have three voices that when combined is syrupy rich and sounds like velvet. These guys can harmonize and make no doubt about it, they do; constantly. In fact, there's so much of it going on here that it's hard to keep track of who's singing what.

Utilizing pianos, guitars, handclaps, sparse instrumentation, seductively sweet vocals and those harmonies Seeker Lover Keeper becomes something more than just a folk album. That's good, because if it were those things I don't think I'd have listened all the way through. Anyway, if you love fragile, tender music with a heart of gold and the voices of angels leading the journey then Seeker Lover Keeper is something you need in your life. Seeker Lover Keeper is a beautiful tender record that will pull at your heartstrings until it wins you over and breaks you down. Seriously.

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