Sunday, January 1, 2012

Speak Believe Everything

The creatively named band Speak apparently have so much to say they named their band after what they need to do...speak. Labeled as an electro-pop band, they really aren't. While it's undeniable that they use synths in their songs, they're as far from being say Cut Copy as the United States is to Australia. They are however, a clever pop band who manipulate modern sounds to their advantage and come up with something that's part indie pop, part synth pop, and part epic pop. Their album I Believe In Everything seems to be truth in marketing as the band seem to believe musically in everything.

I Believe In Everything is a fun album of danceable indie pop that's redonkulously catchy, sugary sweet and so easy to digest that it's like eating a bag of Hershey's Kisses. The songs are overreaching, put together with a sheen that's nearly blinding and end up sounding like Sam Sparro meeting Owl City in a multi-zillion dollar studio. Speak are a perfect example of how cross genre pollination can lead to stupendous tunes. The band's ability to just smash everything together and get something addictively danceable is impressive.

I enjoyed I Believe In Everything because it does believe in everything. Optimistic, open minded, and open to doing the indie shuffle endlessly, Speak seem to create pop that's far greater than the sum of its parts but holds it all together with a high level of gloss. Speak have a lot to say and every word and every note is worth listening to and my guess is that's exactly what they want.

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