Sunday, January 15, 2012

Princeton Rembers Things To Come

Hailing from that great university town known as Los Angeles, Princeton the band have seemingly been studying musical theory for ages and channeled it into their music. Whether or not that is actually true I do not know. But it would seem to be judging by their sound. The band, not the university, are a minimalist indie band who seek to create dramatic and artistic songs through avant garde ideas. Their latest album Remembrance Of Things To Come plays more like a classical music piece than a Pavement record and shows the band developing into something artistically intriguing and musically challenging.

Remembrance Of Things To Come is a multifaceted album that takes the idea of chamber pop literally and actually utilizes the Los Angeles New Music Ensemble to help flush out ideas on the record. Orchestral, sweeping, and lush Remembrance Of Things To Come is a beautiful pop record that's so hypnotizingly listenable you'll find it difficult to walk away. With eclectic guitar work, the aforementioned string work, electronic flourishes, falsetto vocals, and an ethereal vibe about it much of Princeton's music seems to float by like a gentle breeze. Remembrance Of Things To Come is the sound of the wind and its dynamic shifts from orchestrated pop to electronic pop and back again is seamless, much like a change in the wind's direction.

Far from a sophomore slump, Princeton's Remembrance Of Things To Come is an intricate and complicated record that is as light as air and easy on the ears. The dynamic nature of everything here from lyrics to music is what drives the band forward and it's beautiful artistically plotted out songs are simply stunning to listen to. Remembrance Of Things To Come is a sincere, wispy, heavenly record that sees Princeton exceeding it's own expectations and blowing me away.

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