Sunday, January 1, 2012

Will Hoge The Seventh

I have to be honest I don't have the slightest clue who Will Hoge is. I know he plays guitar and from what I can gather he's Nashville native and that has shaped his music around his hometown from the get go. Sounding something like a countrified Springsteen with a bit of bluesy rock and roll slipped in for good measure. His latest album, Number Seven apparently proves that I've been living under an indie rock for quite some time as he's released six other records.

Crafted with twangy guitars, bluesy vibes, and a little bit of rough and tumble rock and roll Will Hoge and his band hovers somewhere between AAA, a jam band, and alt-country. He and his band are in an interesting place that at times sound like a great Springsteen / Mellencamp partnership that unites the northeast with the heartland. Twangy rock and roll and heartfelt songs, seem to be what Will is best at and he unleashes quite a barrage of it on Number Seven. From the roots rock of, "Too Old To Die Young," to the soaring "When I Get My Wings," Number Seven is an adult alternative record that's pretty decent.

With his roots in Nashville and a sound that's as American as apple pie it's no wonder that Will Hoge is as successful as he is. His ability to alternate between country, blues, and rock is impressive and a reflection of his native Nashville. Number Seven is another fine album in an extensive discography that's packed with enough broken hearts, tears, and emotions to last a life time. I guess it's better late than never that I climbed out from my indie rock and discovered Mr. Hoge and Number Seven because it was well worth the effort.

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