Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yuksek Is Living On The Edge Of Time

If you listen to indie/electro/dance etc, you more than likely know who Yuksek is. This strangely named Frenchman has been making floor filling remixes for years now and has just about remixed everyone under the sun including yours truly. With all that and one album of Daft Punk influenced house/electro under his belt it was time for him to expand his horizons a bit. While Yuksek didn't start writing country songs he did take his music in a more pop direction and the results are stunning.

Entitled, Living On The Edge Of Time, Yuksek's sophomore album is the first great dance music album of 2012. With a massive pop sensibility and a set of songs that are anthemic in their approach there's very little wrong with Living On The Edge Of Time. While things are far more pop oriented and vocally centered than previous efforts Yuksek doesn't miss a step here. The songs are filled with massive hooks and choruses that lure you in as if they were Sirens.

Now armed with a band, yes a band, Yuksek's possibilities are endless and he takes advantage of it. While the songs are still undoubtedly dance oriented, they're not just blinding bangers but actual songs you can sing along to. Along with Digitalism, Cut Copy, and Hot Chip Yuksek proves that you can create a banger AND have a chorus to sing along to. In listening to Living On The Edge Of Time it's as if Yuksek, while wanting to go a smidgen more commercial, decided he had to up his game tenfold to make it work. He does, and it does.

Living On The Edge Of Time is an upbeat, infectious, anthemic record that takes pop, psychedelia, and indie to the underground and lets it run wild. Yuksek has produced a spectacular album here with phenomenal songs that will work in any environment. It's the sort of thing I'm going to have difficulty not listening to. Proving electro is alive and well in a world littered with dubstep, and noise Living On The Edge Of Time is a massively essential record. It’s so good it is already in the running for album of the year.

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