Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New God's Motorcar

New God are a band from the foggy mountains of Western Maryland. It's those mountains that seemed to have brought out their inner Northwestern indie rocker in them as this rather sprawling band sound a lot like the Shins. With nine members, including two choristers, a horn player, and all the usual trappings the band create indie pop that's lackadaisical, slightly trippy, and pretty darn good.

Their album, Motorcar, is a short blast of shuffly indie pop that's gone before it gets started. But during the short time it's around, the whole thing comes off as if it were part of a lost set of recordings for Elephant Six Records that was found in those Maryland mountains. It's lo-fi in all the best ways and there’s a sense of honesty that radiates through each song here that more than makes up for any short comings the album might have as a result of lack luster budget. Regardless, this is pure, honest to goodness indie pop played by a whole mess of people who love what they do and it's reflected on every song on Motorcar.

For a band doing it all themselves, they've done an excellent job on Motorcar. The songs are hazy, lazy, and good. Whether catchy and poppy or mellow and intimate, the band takes all the best bits of indie pop tarnishes them and recycles them with a sincerity that's so often not heard in music today. This is a band to root for, to follow, to say, "I knew them when they put out their first album." You can find the band at New-God.com

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