Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Head To New Brighton Said The Whale

Said the Whale's New Brighton EP is a brilliant four song single featuring four b-sides from the band's upcoming third LP that won't be released until sometime in March of 2012. While the image of a b-side might put you off from picking this little record up, don't let it. Said the Whale's b-sides are better than most band's a-sides. True fact.

Sounding a bit like The Decemberists with less folk pop, Said The Whale are continually excited, filled with intensity, and able to write awesome songs with ease. One listen to, "Sandy Bay Fishing Song," and you'll see what I mean...it's a story set to music and is filled with sweeping choruses, dramatic playing, and is just fun to listen to. The EP for the most part is just like that and as a result this is a great little single.

Apparently only available digitally, the physical CD that I see in front of me must not exist. Well, whatever format this thing is available in you should do yourself a favor and pick it up and get a sneak peak at one of the more anticipated releases in 2012 at POP! Stereo HQ.

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