Monday, January 30, 2012

Moore & Majeure Have A Brainstorm

Holy double shot of Sci-Fi soundscapes. If 120 Days are from another Galaxy then it's only fair to say that legendary musicians Steve Moore and Majeure are from another planet. Composing more widescreen expansive landscapes that legally allowed by musical theory and law this dynamic duo have created one heck of an album on Brainstorm.

Sounding like the soundtrack to Total Recall 2, this is the sound of the sun’s long distance rays penetrating the red sands of Mars. Sweeping songs are carried by astral winds as vintage sounding keyboards wash over the Martian landscapes and the red planet slowly revolves around the sun. This is epic stuff that seemingly stretches into infinity. Utilizing nothing but electronics, Moore & Majeure create a world that's desolate, cold, and lonely with lost souls wandering across the Martian plains in search of something. It's awesome stuff.

Imaginative, absolutely massive, and sounding like it took forty years to get here Brainstorm is the soundtrack to the Blade Runner that never was. Moore & Majeure so effortlessly create ambient soundscapes for alien worlds that NASA should be jumping at the chance to be part of these songs. While your imaginations can no longer be transported into space by the Space Shuttle, thanks to Moore & Majeure's songs it still can be.

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