Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome To Diarrhea Planet

When you name your band Diarrhea Planet you've kind of done the following things...1) stereotyped yourself as being a punk rock band 2) killed any chance of commercial success or availability 3) made everyone think, "what a stupid name." So that's what Diarrhea Planet have working for them. Thankfully, their album Loose Jewels isn't actually half bad. Filled with snotty punk rock and enough Ramones-like songs to bring them back from the dead, DP embrace their rebellious nature and chuck their careers as pop stars away.

Loose Jewels is a quick blast of three chords, lo-fidelity recording, and enough brash vocals to give you strep throat. Yet in spite of all this, the band manage to find some fairly decent melodies hidden in the trash. Like diamonds in the rough, the band find things that actually work and make the songs quite listenable. While listening to Loose Jewels I challenge you to just close your eyes and mentally picture who you see singing in this band...The ghost of Joey Ramone is in this band and he's channeling his energy into each of the songs here.

Filled with a rambunctious spirit, a rebellious nature, and an odd ability to write memorable songs using basic song structures Diarrhea Planet is really doing themselves a disservice by keeping their name. With a little coaxing and the waving of several thousand dollars, hopefully the band will change their name to something a bit less err...toilet oriented...and conquer the world. Something tells me that's what Joey Ramone would want.

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