Thursday, January 19, 2012

Join the Viper Creek Club

The Viper Creek Club is a project that's headed up by musical mastermind Mat Wisner.  Originally an idea in one of Wisner's demo songs for a previous project, VCC served to combine everything he was working on and then taking all that and blending it into some sort of pop.  After some experimentation the results of this recipe for musical tastiness became the Hot Lights EP.

Consisting of six songs the Hot Lights EP takes most forms of electronic pop and fuses them together to create a sugar rush of synth pop goodness.  With electro, chill out, chill wave, ambient, indie dance, and everything in between influencing Wisner's songs he ends up sounding something like Cobra Starship fighting with Crystal Castles for control of his mind.  The songs are addictively structured with choruses that even at their vocoded best are easy to sing back.  It's fantastic stuff that simply ends too soon.   

The Viper Creek Club are beasts at what they do.  From the mind numbingly catchy, "Your Body," to the pro tools auto tuned breaks of "Now You're In the Mirror," Hot Lights EP is kinetic energy that can't be stopped.  At six songs this record is too short and one hopes that Mat Wisner hurries up and fuses more ideas together so that there's an album worth of material.  The Viper Creek Club is one club worth any means necessary.

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