Monday, January 23, 2012

Nedry Lives In Dim Light

Nedry are a trio by way of London, Osaka and Bristol whose distillation of advanced rhythmic structures, low frequencies and raw human tones stand uniquely at a fascinating sonic crux of leftfield, club and indie juncture. In other words they're all over the map and create a beautiful amalgamation of sounds that when combined become hypnotic and mind warping. Their new album, In Dim Light illuminates the widescreen world in which the sounds and textures Nedry create live.

A bit chillwave, a bit abstract, and totally sounding like something from the Warp back catalog, Nedry seem to compose songs that are weird but likeable. Perhaps a bit Bjorkian in her vocal stylings Ayu Okakita takes thing in an unusual direction throughout the band's songs. She sighs, she coo's she grabs your ears and never lets them go. It's wondrous stuff that rolls on by, lifts you up, and takes you along for the ride. Between her otherworldly vocals, the ambient synths, and mesmerizing beats In Dim Light is a heavenly delight of post trip hop sounds.

Gothy, dreamy, ambient, haunting, stunning. Those are all words that can be used to describe Nedry's In Dim Light. This is an abstract textured record that pings and bleeps its way across a widescreen that stretches on to infinity. This is the perfect album for the winter days and nights as there's something about it that's as pure as the driven snow. While it obviously doesn't snow here in Florida this is a record that is absolutely brilliant and best listened dim light.

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