Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Caveman Vs. Coco Beware

Now here's a band that, if anything, at least has an interesting name and an even more interesting album name. New York's Caveman have a fairly uncomplicated, primitive moniker but don't really have the music to match their name's leanings. Their album, I'm assuming named after WWF super star, Coco Beware is far from simple and is actually a worldy moody little number that swirls about in an almost ethereal way.

Coco Beware is an intriguing record that seems almost as depressed as it does upbeat and it's songs seem to reflect this unstable moodiness. At times melodramatic and quiet and at others a bit giddy and nervous Caveman take the listener on a ride through their emotions and the fragile pop that accompanies it. It's nice stuff for the most part and kind of just anonymously plods along over the course of the album, never raising it's voice too much or doing anything to grab your attention. It's no wonder then, it took me about six listens until I felt like I listened to the whole thing all the way through.

With slightly jangly pop, moody intonations and worldy vibes Caveman create something that's pretty listenable if not always noticeable. Their ethereal nature and haunting melodies seem to get lost in the shuffle at times, but if you pay attention you'll be rewarded with some rather nice music. From the spooky loops of, "Vampirer," to the almost pop of, "My Time," Caveman make unobtrusiveness seem cool. Coco Beware isn't the sort of record that pile drives you into the ground, but it does make in impression...even if it's invisibly.

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