Thursday, January 26, 2012

James Morrison Has An Awakening

James Morrison is everywhere right now. The guy has appeared on more TV shows than Lana Del Rey could ever hope to mess up. Originally bursting on to the scene back in 2006, he became a household name over night in his native UK. Five years later he’s sold truckloads of records and only stands to sell more with his third album The Awakening.

Looking remarkably like Coldplay's Chris Martin and sounding like the white Stevie Wonder it almost seems impossible that this guy could fail. Judging by the songs on The Awakening I don't think failure is an option. With his soulful voice and orchestrated productions, the songs are a throwback to a time when Stevie and music such as this was king. These are absolutely massive songs, produced with hi-gloss and with gargantuan hooks. They are unstoppable emotional outpourings that will have women swooning and their hearts melting.

The Awakening is destined for massive amounts of radio play and should be in anyone's record collection that is over the age of 30. It's the perfect album for fans of adult alternative and soul music’s the perfect, dare I say it, crossover album. In fact, that's so much the case it's easy to declare Morrison as the new king of Triple A and neo-soul. His alternative soul sound is the perfect fit for anyone wanting to have vintage cool mixed with modern songs. The Awakening is good stuff and it's easy to see why he's as huge as he is...his voice alone is worth a million bucks and his songs are worth even more.

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