Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Beets Let The Poison Out

The Beets are not vegetables...but they are a goofy indie pop band. Taking folk rock and adding a bit of geeky awkwardness and about a five dollar budget in which to record, The Beets sound like a more sophisticated and non-rude Moldy Peaches. Their album Let The Poison Out is a messy, lo-fi record that sounds shambolic, sloppy, under produced and ultimately pretty awesome.

Let The Poison Out, the third album by The Beets is a jangly pop treat that was recorded in 48 hours and sounds like it...if there was a definition of bedroom pop in the dictionary you would see a picture of this album next to it. That's really it's charm; it's an honest, simple record that's no frills. Reckless by nature and fragile by design The Beets create songs that are shy, shuffly, catchy, and sing along-able. It's geeky kind of stuff that's like the best record that K Records never released and the sort of thing that would make Calvin Johnson blush.

Clumsy, adorable, and sincere Let The Poison Out is a little album with a big jolly heart. It's a fun record created by a band that totally has it's heart and songs in the right place. The Beets aren't complicated, aren't polished or shiny, and really might not be that great of musicians, but they write some darn clever pop songs that are fun and silly and twee in all the right places. I like them a lot and so should you.

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