Friday, January 13, 2012

Punks Jump Up Get Down

Punks Jump Up have swerved away from the trends in dance music over the last year or so and continued to create dance music their own way and this is especially evident on their latest single, Get Down. With not a single drop of dubstep or Justice post hardcore techno like structure on any note here, this new single is pure house/electro gold.

With a keyboard run that will linger in your head for ages and beats that threaten to level sound systems, Punks Jump Up have created a tune that is hands in the air good. Disco influences, Latin vibes, a bit of Miami Sound Machine, and enough sugary sweet hooks to make the addiction easier, Get Down will force you to do just that; get down! With not one, not two, but five remixes coming from JBAG, Alex Gopher, Fare Soldi, Zero Cash, and Deadstock 33s the single is packed to the edges with face melting tech house electro goodness.

Punks Jump Up are in a word; awesome. They've continually set dance floors alight with mind numbing electro work outs that may not be the sound du jour but they're still so amazing that they buck the trends and rise to the top anyway. Get Down is no different and only proves that Punks Jump Up are one heck of a team.

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