Sunday, January 1, 2012

Neon Hymns Soars

Neon Hymns found their beginnings in the summer of 2007 when four long time friends came together with an idea to create a sound that could reach out far beyond the garages and halls of their idyllic but small Australian beach side community. Four years after getting together the band have finally released their self-titled debut EP and their goal of reaching out beyond their native Australia seems to be assured. The twenty seven minute, six song record is an epic sweeping pop affair that so coolly embraces their inner Coldplay while channeling the folk influences that they were raised on that success is only around the corner.

The songs that make up Neon Hymns are absolutely massive and reach so far heavenwards they might just get there. The six songs here are born with wings and soar to heights of emotion that would make Chris Martin blush. Emotion and expansiveness aside, the band still manage to cram enough pop sensibility in each song to make them stupendously simple to get attached to and they will attach themselves. With gargantuan hooks, passionate vocals and guitar riffs that seem to glisten with sunshine, this is the kind of records girls fall in love to and guys get jealous of and one gets the feeling that's exactly what Neon Hymns wants.

Neon Hymns is an awesome EP that's pretty much the definition of epic pop. The band and record are so good that Coldplay should watch themselves when they travel to Australia...because these guys are hot on their heels.

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