Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You've Got Pretty Good Dance Moves

Pretty Good Dance Moves isn't a compliment I'm giving you, but rather a New York band who as you might be able to tell enjoy a good dance, albeit a slow one. Their latest album, Limo, is a chilled out, slow motion electro disco pop record that oddly enough doesn't have songs but 8 movements. Composed in a long form, flowing methodology that almost makes it feel like a classical music piece, Limo is an artastic explosion of experimentation that sees Brazilian Girls singer Sabina Sciubba making an appearance and even French filmmaker Antoine Wagner working on the project in the form of a video. Limo as one might sense, is an expansive record that doesn't seem limited by any sort of boundaries or ideals and that's probably why it turned out so well.

Taking post-ambient sounds, mixing them with lush beats and adorable vocals (when needed) Limo slowly works it's way through the eight movements that make it up in an almost DJ mix kind of way. Movements flow into movements and cascade into a sound collage which is seemingly never ending giving one the impression that Limo never stops moving. This is pretty cool as the transitions seem seamless and flow so well together that the album almost plays out like a 30+ minute electronic movie Daft Punk would be proud of. I guess then, that's why Antoine Wagner worked on a film for Pretty Good Dance Moves.

Anyway, if you enjoy opulent, slow motion disco with a tendency to veer toward being ambient, you'll find Pretty Good Dance Moves a joy to chill with. These guys build it so well and make it sound so gorgeous who wouldn't like it? In a year filled with tuneless dubstep, stuff like this is most welcome! So hop in your Limo and go buy this already.

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